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  • justaperson
    justaperson5 timer siden

    My friends daughter runs her school website. It’s run by the journalism club

  • its Never me
    its Never me8 timer siden

    actually china was 15 when she was acting in this movie

  • Lainey Thompson
    Lainey Thompson13 timer siden


  • Corrupted Radio
    Corrupted Radio13 timer siden

    This sounds like it would make a good horror movie. A robot's main objective is to stay in a relationship with a girl, but she's still into this other guy. So the robot does anything it can to ruin that guy's life. Disney channel made a good idea and ruined it with teenage incel romance.

  • natlikesflamingo
    natlikesflamingo13 timer siden

    albert lol

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M14 timer siden

    Has anyone realized how China Anne McClain is literally in every dcom ♥️😂

  • Berrynickt.
    Berrynickt.14 timer siden

    myowsers 😳😳🥶🥶😳🔥🔥🔥

  • TurtleSquad354
    TurtleSquad35419 timer siden

    OK, @DannyGonzalez Ill Tell You Why The Math Teacher Is Mad. She's Mad Because They Finished So Fast The Teacher Thought They Didn't Work Hard Enough And Rushed. there

  • Sweet Creature
    Sweet Creature20 timer siden

    Ive seen this movie, its a good one. But when Danny describes it, its really dumb movie.

  • Natalie Ng
    Natalie Ng20 timer siden

    Also the boyfriends’s car license plate is MEOWZERS

  • semgito qutikjig
    semgito qutikjigDag siden

    The abounding cousin adventitiously trick because asphalt angiographically fry via a long veterinarian. stupid, bouncy peripheral

  • Eat At Joe's
    Eat At Joe'sDag siden

    So, they're building Captain America and Mae wants Hitler as a boyfriend.

  • Ari O
    Ari ODag siden

    "social radar"

  • Vexloe _
    Vexloe _Dag siden

    Day 409 of being on this end screen “I don’t think I’ll make it”

  • Michael9to5
    Michael9to52 dager siden

    have u done disneys bad hair day yet?

  • emmmaa
    emmmaa2 dager siden

    they can't sit right cause they're all gay

  • Forty McMeme
    Forty McMeme2 dager siden

    God I love people with blonde hair blue eyes mmmm 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • kareen Dakdouk
    kareen Dakdouk3 dager siden


  • MarkussTheCarcass
    MarkussTheCarcass3 dager siden


  • Bettyaxe
    Bettyaxe3 dager siden

    “scoffs DORK”

  • maleki
    maleki3 dager siden

    there were no records of him being alive ever, how does he register into a school over night

  • Purple Alpaca
    Purple Alpaca3 dager siden

    Why would the dad even tell his child because If it's a U.S military thing like that would be dumb to tell someone that.

  • Wayspider
    Wayspider3 dager siden

    11:22 i like the license plate says "meowzers"

  • Patryk Wojtkielewicz
    Patryk Wojtkielewicz3 dager siden


  • Alison Enlow
    Alison Enlow3 dager siden

    this movie is really out here with half of the cast of True Jackson VP

  • Archer arts
    Archer arts3 dager siden

    I want me some *b r a v e j u i c e*

  • Damocles
    Damocles3 dager siden

    mean robot

  • Penelope Lenaerts
    Penelope Lenaerts4 dager siden

    this gave me the strength i needed to finish grad school

  • lakshmivallabh
    lakshmivallabh4 dager siden

    Super soujia boy

  • lakshmivallabh
    lakshmivallabh4 dager siden


  • Bittersweet Lemons
    Bittersweet Lemons4 dager siden


  • James Keating
    James Keating4 dager siden

    As a proficient programmer, I can confirm that we do not put juices in our hardware intentionally.

  • MCG
    MCG4 dager siden

    WOW. she left me for a robot boy. HURRAY I HATED HER

  • Ugly Roach
    Ugly Roach4 dager siden

    8:31 STOP-

  • The Gameworm
    The Gameworm4 dager siden

    That image of the math teacher will haunt my nightmares.

  • Typhoon
    Typhoon5 dager siden

    please do one of the movie bad hair day on disney channel

  • Tara Whisman
    Tara Whisman5 dager siden

    “Maybe her bones are getting squishy” CLASSIC

  • Blackberry Honey
    Blackberry Honey5 dager siden

    That sitting wrong thing is just what gay teenagers do. I say this as a gay teenager. Maybe Disney is trying to tell us something about Noah Centaurino's character here?

    GISELLE RUIZ5 dager siden

    "We've been dating for.... 17 WhOlE dAyS" Wow, that relationship is gonna fail

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith5 dager siden

    I totally get why the math teacher is annoyed with them. They seem exhausting to teach

  • Kaitlynn Sylvester
    Kaitlynn Sylvester5 dager siden

    Do you feel dominated now? 🤣

  • sreeja madabhushi
    sreeja madabhushi5 dager siden

    I became truly greg 2 weeks ago, and I am still GREG R R E E GREG

  • Jasyre Rossi
    Jasyre Rossi5 dager siden

    So my name is Jaiden so I feel very offended so plz no

  • Jasyre Rossi

    Jasyre Rossi

    5 dager siden

    Lol my name is not Jaiden lol MY NAME IS MY NAME OK BOI

  • Smoke
    Smoke6 dager siden

    when i was like 13 i cringed at this so hard when it first came out

  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer6 dager siden

    Yet another well produced video

  • Monsieur Moby
    Monsieur Moby6 dager siden

    Bruh she just told someone to blow up in the middle of a homecoming. Isn’t that an act of terrorism?

  • SnowyPug
    SnowyPug6 dager siden

    the song at the end is a bop

  • Albert Drummond
    Albert Drummond6 dager siden

    ye.. what noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I was made nooooooooooo I am fake AAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clark Cole
    Clark Cole6 dager siden

    Hello to all Greg’s reading this message.

  • Pennypop13
    Pennypop137 dager siden

    Yes dom danny 🤤🤤

  • Spectre goose
    Spectre goose7 dager siden

    I thought he said black smegma

  • Guts
    Guts7 dager siden

    Squishy bones, my favourite

  • ka1zzek_
    ka1zzek_7 dager siden

    ok, im not one to talk on fashion, but what are the people in this movie wearing? some people look like they just came out of a 1990s comedy show and some look like they boutta hit the nae nae

  • Violet's Den
    Violet's Den7 dager siden

    They really took "I built a friend" seriously.

  • anjika
    anjika7 dager siden

    please please do zapped. it is well-known by almost every disney fan that it is one of the worst dcoms ever.

  • Evangeline Wood
    Evangeline Wood7 dager siden

    This movie: Bree from Lab Rats is lonely so she and Chyna Parks from ANT farm hack into a secret government agency to build her a boyfriend

  • Liya the Fabulous
    Liya the Fabulous7 dager siden

    cool kids can't sit down because they're all gay and gays can't sit

  • Sydney Yi
    Sydney Yi8 dager siden

    3:38 Excuse me my good sir, but that’s how the gays and neurodivergant people sit

  • Azure_Tea
    Azure_Tea8 dager siden

    The fact that I used to think nothing was wrong with this movie baffles me now-

  • Bob Squid
    Bob Squid8 dager siden

    “Cool kids never sit right” Gays: Yes.

  • Honey Honey
    Honey Honey8 dager siden

    They should have do it priv when he blew up

  • Honey Honey
    Honey Honey8 dager siden

    I swear he looks better when the movie came out! frr he look old ash also the background characters look old

  • ducki3z 69
    ducki3z 698 dager siden


  • 7me7 7ow7
    7me7 7ow79 dager siden


  • Lelishe Simpson
    Lelishe Simpson9 dager siden

    ...Her ideal type is the stereotypical white boy...Blonde, blue eyes tall... I mean no judgment( I got a crush on a dude who's like that), but-Kinkyy(XD)

  • chillington chill
    chillington chill9 dager siden

    hol up is that hot burger boy... Fat Albert???

  • hunter schafer enjoyer
    hunter schafer enjoyer9 dager siden

    legitimately in tears at “so i didn’t mention this before but the military is also at the high school dance”

  • Eva Peva
    Eva Peva9 dager siden

    is her name May or Mei? i cant get overwatch out of me head mb.

  • Erin Lynch
    Erin Lynch9 dager siden


  • Jonathon Rico
    Jonathon Rico9 dager siden

    I remember watching this movie in 1st grade

  • Tatianna G
    Tatianna G9 dager siden

    You should do a review on the movie To the Beat: Back 2 School

  • AmberPH
    AmberPH10 dager siden

    The greenscreens so bad though.

  • Percy FG
    Percy FG10 dager siden

    dO YOu fEeL DoMInAted???

  • PartlyCloudy
    PartlyCloudy10 dager siden

    I swear albert didn’t blink at all in this movie

  • Russell Char
    Russell Char10 dager siden

    Notifications on I am greg

  • eve change3117
    eve change311710 dager siden

    That’s the whole damn message. How do you build a boy? You don’t. You Get A Man. Periodt

  • Rachael Clark
    Rachael Clark10 dager siden

    7:49 - 7:58 Captain American.

  • Rachael Clark

    Rachael Clark

    9 dager siden

    @fuck You yeah

  • fuck You

    fuck You

    10 dager siden

    Then the whole mission thing is Bucky under hydras control

  • Ashlynn Butterfield
    Ashlynn Butterfield10 dager siden

    I'm gonna use 5:44 to describe my girlfriend from now on

  • Trish Una
    Trish Una10 dager siden

    10:20 : *Bri:* Aw hell yeah

  • anthony curtis
    anthony curtis11 dager siden

    I turned on notifications. 😃

  • Eli Gray
    Eli Gray11 dager siden

    Please do geek charming it’s the best one

  • Brooke .-.
    Brooke .-.11 dager siden

    I love the song at the end of his video-

  • partytuanight
    partytuanight11 dager siden

    "Do you feel dominated?" -Danny Gonzalez

  • Luna Blackwood
    Luna Blackwood11 dager siden

    the second i heard "what's up greg!" my hand drifted to the like button and immediately clicked because being acknowledged as "greg" feels better than my actual name. wtf danny

  • Super Serena
    Super Serena11 dager siden

    he just keep on saying "the SKIN BATH" lol

  • kirby
    kirby11 dager siden

    sometimes i start E chains by myself

  • kirby


    11 dager siden


  • kirby


    11 dager siden


  • kirby


    11 dager siden


  • kirby


    11 dager siden


  • kirby


    11 dager siden


  • Kaid aizawa
    Kaid aizawa11 dager siden

    If cool kids In Disney movies don’t know how to sit properly that must mean that they’re 🏳️‍🌈Ofc 🙄🙄

  • Kitty Meowers
    Kitty Meowers11 dager siden

    I like how the teacher gets mad at them turning in work in 9 minutes but calling other classmates names is completely acceptable

  • TenTonNuke
    TenTonNuke11 dager siden

    If the perfect boy wasn't attractive, he'd be a total beta simp.

  • MusicGirl20 20
    MusicGirl20 2012 dager siden

    Think this is weird? Watch Absolute Boyfriend, it's a kdrama about a girl who falls for a robot

  • Little Miss Daikon
    Little Miss Daikon12 dager siden

    Is it just me but when the main girl realizes that what she’s doing is wrong it was like so similar to when yashiro realizes that she doesn’t actually love Teru she just loved someone like him

  • The Pit
    The Pit12 dager siden

    Noogie Sentimental has the most forgettable face in the universe

  • Lilia DeBlasio
    Lilia DeBlasio12 dager siden

    So around the time this movie was filmed the actress that plays Mae was around 18.

  • Carli Manwarren
    Carli Manwarren12 dager siden

    I never realized how bad this movie was. I thought it was so good when I was 10

  • Emily Lange
    Emily Lange12 dager siden

    Is that gf girl ok? She's so thin I'm worried

  • no 1
    no 112 dager siden

    Wow albert just like Detroit Become Human

  • Jaids
    Jaids13 dager siden

    1:43 kinda looks like theyre all in front of a green screen. at least it looks like the window glass has a green screen behind it

  • Michi Games
    Michi Games13 dager siden

    Was I the only one that thought China was into girls through the movie

  • Cats are aliens
    Cats are aliens13 dager siden

    I am filing a complaint. You made me almost choke on my food from laughing so hard and now I’m reviewing my legal options

  • Alyssa Chin
    Alyssa Chin13 dager siden

    That super relatable moment when you are a nerd and need a fake boyfriend so you hack into a private military system and you completely ruin everyone’s days but like ✨homecoming✨