Joker TikToks Stop Please


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joker tinktonks gotta stop make them stop
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  • Bran da flan
    Bran da flan5 timer siden

    Honestly if I was robbing someone and this guy walks up to me and made that face I would run

  • Lynn Odell
    Lynn Odell8 timer siden

    I mean in my honest opinion he just looks constipated.

  • T Neemia
    T Neemia8 timer siden

    1:50 MADE ME DIE 😃

  • Elkazaz Xx
    Elkazaz Xx8 timer siden

    Im really uncomfortable

  • Elin Grenholm
    Elin Grenholm13 timer siden

    In the first tiktok by rixstar he looks so nice then he looks like a psycopathf

  • Justin
    Justin14 timer siden

    3:41 putangina

  • Jonathan Hull
    Jonathan Hull16 timer siden

    That song isn’t even that bad though

  • ̇ ̇
    ̇ ̇18 timer siden

    13:26 best part

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes21 time siden

    We live in a society batman

  • Ace Slayer
    Ace Slayer23 timer siden

    Are we sure this is a cult

  • Cyber Melon
    Cyber MelonDag siden


  • Declan Byrne
    Declan ByrneDag siden

    13:35 that's what she said (jk)

  • Jaelyn Lorin
    Jaelyn LorinDag siden

    theres no greg on the wall so this is gonna be my comment:

  • TaurusWitch
    TaurusWitch2 dager siden

    So the guy who "saves" the kidnapped kids doesn't even make a scary face. It just kind of is off-putting. Haha

  • NegativeZero
    NegativeZero2 dager siden

    rizxtar more like rixzxtard

  • #bf00ff
    #bf00ff2 dager siden

    Nooooo, why? Just why!?

  • #bf00ff
    #bf00ff2 dager siden

    r/TIHI. Not u Dani but this guy.

  • #bf00ff
    #bf00ff2 dager siden

    I am going to take a gun and make natural selection do it's work.

  • jord3932 jord3932
    jord3932 jord39322 dager siden

    when ever me and my girl friend have sex, I play this on my laptop and I last for hours. It’s impossible to finish looking at that man

  • Db coop
    Db coop2 dager siden

    2:56 oh no, this kid only knows the Joker from the movies. They they to make the face from the Joker of the comic

  • hornet is void
    hornet is void2 dager siden

    Testin' my internet

  • Esmeralda Contreras
    Esmeralda Contreras2 dager siden

    *what the fucking shit did you just show me danny why me*

  • Esmeralda Contreras

    Esmeralda Contreras

    2 dager siden

    @Gavin Donovan I don't know, i just did

  • Gavin Donovan

    Gavin Donovan

    2 dager siden

    Why are you watching the video and feel the need to leave a stupid comment

  • Trisha
    Trisha2 dager siden

    Hi I’m Indian and I would politely like to remove the *shit* from my country

  • Gavin Donovan

    Gavin Donovan

    2 dager siden

    No problem, just stop watching it

  • Tsion Nadew
    Tsion Nadew2 dager siden

    That face honestly looks more like the anonymous mask rather than the joker to me.

  • sleepy
    sleepy2 dager siden

    8:53 that's my special talent, can't do it as well as this dude lol, but I can bend my arms around my back. My physiotherapist says I have "hypermobility" in my arms

  • Jessica McLean
    Jessica McLean2 dager siden

    why do they look like their gonna have explosive diarrhea-

  • Den Nis
    Den Nis2 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis2 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis2 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis2 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis2 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis2 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis3 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis3 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis3 dager siden


  • Den Nis
    Den Nis3 dager siden


  • Jennyvloggs
    Jennyvloggs3 dager siden

    The face is so ugly I can’t- 😭😭

  • Hello How Are You
    Hello How Are You3 dager siden

    This is the most annoying song I've ever heard. I hate it so much. Like, I want to watch this video, but I want to throw my phone against a wall every time 😭

  • サイキョーの魔物
    サイキョーの魔物3 dager siden

    these tiktoks make even less sense without volume

  • Kyros Animates
    Kyros Animates3 dager siden

    Whats that song?

  • JTN Bros Official
    JTN Bros Official3 dager siden

    Why does he say “wussup Greg” at the beginning

  • PrideAnimations
    PrideAnimations3 dager siden

    As a Joker cosplayer and fan, we do not claim them or want them.

  • Richard King
    Richard King3 dager siden

    10:10 'Scott Pilgrim', 2004-2010

  • Sky
    Sky3 dager siden

    10:00-10:29 i died 🤣🤣

  • Personal Account
    Personal Account3 dager siden

    Just plaster the wall and drill new holes

  • Stan bts for clear skin
    Stan bts for clear skin3 dager siden

    This guys TikTok’s make me lose hope in humanity 💀

  • Nikiez
    Nikiez3 dager siden

    anyone else think of Hisoka making that face..?

  • Alrighty then
    Alrighty then3 dager siden

    I’m pretty sure they are mentally messed up

  • Ascendant pump action shotgun
    Ascendant pump action shotgun3 dager siden

    1:51 this man looking like hes doing crack

  • ezra rahman
    ezra rahman3 dager siden

    im don know why my little brother like theis is cringe btw hes a child

  • Haker 69
    Haker 694 dager siden

    U always make me laugh thanks for that

  • TQM
    TQM4 dager siden

    Wait, didn't Jenna Marbles do this already years ago? From her video about making a stupid face as a creep deterrent in clubs?

  • Grace Senpai
    Grace Senpai4 dager siden

    He looks like he is constipated

  • Unknown Alien
    Unknown Alien4 dager siden

    but seriously think about trying to threaten someone by doing this... like if they decide to punch you you're screwed lol

  • Disheveled FatGuy
    Disheveled FatGuy4 dager siden

    Don't dis the bicycle mumen rider is my guy

  • TheBeastFeast 876
    TheBeastFeast 8764 dager siden

    That uncle at the family meeting 13:34

  • Jeskers18
    Jeskers184 dager siden

    We had the same expression when the first tiktok played 🤢 they just look ridiculous.... And then the little kid joined 😂 like they can't even see when they do that face so they're literally looking at the ground 🤣

  • bacon
    bacon4 dager siden

    these people need to be tested for alien corruption

  • Johan Grenholm
    Johan Grenholm4 dager siden

    I dont know why its became a trend in indian that try to look like joker but they acutally dont looks anything like joker

  • Priyanshu Verma
    Priyanshu Verma4 dager siden


  • The Editorenzus
    The Editorenzus4 dager siden

    Why does he turn into Filthy Frank?

  • Roman Michael Cordero
    Roman Michael Cordero4 dager siden

    I feel very uncomfortable.

    [REDACTED]5 dager siden

    His face is so weird I have no way to describe it other than that it is a cognito hazard. I'm talking about the tiktoker btw

  • hornet is void

    hornet is void

    4 dager siden

    Ah yes a scp fan

  • GetRekt69
    GetRekt695 dager siden

    He do be the grinch tho

  • Jhawk5599 0
    Jhawk5599 05 dager siden


  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young5 dager siden

    I feel like these are the Walmart and Dollar Tree versions of The Joker called "The Laugher" and just... "The"

  • Jackson Weekley
    Jackson Weekley5 dager siden

    How to be the joker: has lorg noes

  • Xx stefan xX

    Xx stefan xX

    4 dager siden


  • David Wells
    David Wells5 dager siden

    I've never wanted so badly to smack someone as when these clowns make the stupidest faces I've ever seen. What is that even supposed to be? What are they doing? Why? Why? WHY?!

  • Yurei Unbound
    Yurei Unbound5 dager siden

    I can only imagine the video editors who have to look at this all day until the edit is done

  • Cherry Ducky
    Cherry Ducky5 dager siden


  • ifrahuwu
    ifrahuwu5 dager siden

    for anyone who is wondering, the song name is Your Gain by Swif7 :)

  • Amity Plaatjes
    Amity Plaatjes5 dager siden

    They both look constipated when. They do the joker face

  • J43_3D1TS
    J43_3D1TS5 dager siden

    this video gave me full nightmares but Danny made those nightmares less creepy. 🤧

  • hornet is void

    hornet is void

    5 dager siden

    True greg

  • AR Productions
    AR Productions5 dager siden

    Are ye toh apne India ka sasta joker hai nahi pata tha bahar bhi famous hai (Translation=oh this our India's cheap joker I did not know he was famous outside too)

  • Frankie Greene
    Frankie Greene6 dager siden


  • Ashley Hebb
    Ashley Hebb6 dager siden

    danny why don’t you clean it up

  • Hi There
    Hi There6 dager siden

    Me after the video in bed:goodnight Me:*sees something* What I see: 👁👄👁

  • ADHD_Potato
    ADHD_Potato6 dager siden

    ngl those first two examples look like something from resident evil 7.

  • ADHD_Potato


    5 dager siden


  • cocoduck


    5 dager siden

    At least they enjoyable in a creepy way, these dudes on the other hand looks like, they're trying to take a shit that doesn't exist.

  • Mario Carrasco Rdz
    Mario Carrasco Rdz6 dager siden

    I think that if I keep seeing this I will stay short

  • Louise Francisco
    Louise Francisco6 dager siden

    me everytime danny plays a joker tiktok : SCROLL TO THE COMMENTS ITS SO CRINGY

  • Just Another Fabulous Killjoy
    Just Another Fabulous Killjoy6 dager siden

    It's in the middle of the night and I can't stop laughing, send helppp

  • H4SN41N NoOb
    H4SN41N NoOb6 dager siden

    The dont scar me but u me

  • Darren Corcoran
    Darren Corcoran6 dager siden

    I think Danny is pulling a Stan Laurel face when he does it...the ultimate Joker.

  • Polish Pornish Catto
    Polish Pornish Catto6 dager siden

    Omg I really need to click off

  • Everyday Duke
    Everyday Duke6 dager siden

    When you showed the thing. I wanna die.saying to god why whyy u created me to see this on youtube recommend.memes save me from this madness.

  • riptaway
    riptaway6 dager siden

    Not a fan of this guy hosting. Just something about his style, voice, jokes, etc, are off putting

  • The Pillowhead

    The Pillowhead

    5 dager siden

    It’s Awkward humor. Not your typical humor.

  • shirina akter
    shirina akter6 dager siden

    Any buddy can do it make a small eye do a creepy smile roll your eyes and apply a lot of presuer

  • Sheikh Daeen
    Sheikh Daeen6 dager siden

    The first one of faraz looks like he’s constipated

  • Sheikh Daeen
    Sheikh Daeen6 dager siden

    Oh god this is gonna be disgusting

  • Sheikh Daeen
    Sheikh Daeen6 dager siden

    Ok I promise u

  • DodoTIC Commentary
    DodoTIC Commentary6 dager siden

    The first one tho hahahddbdkdiddjd

  • Jeresano
    Jeresano6 dager siden

    9:18 Danny is 1000× better

  • Jeresano
    Jeresano6 dager siden

    They look like they'll be a character in little nightmares

  • ajriffic
    ajriffic6 dager siden

    Why is your head suddenly so rectangular

  • Rocco Rivera
    Rocco Rivera7 dager siden

    As joker would say imposters I would have been standing there having somebody do that that way they kill himself HehEHehEhehehe

  • Notyouravaragecrackdealer
    Notyouravaragecrackdealer7 dager siden

    But but but... My name's not greg

  • The Pillowhead

    The Pillowhead

    5 dager siden

    Oh that’s just what he calls his fanbase..

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown7 dager siden

    i cant believe this all happened only 10 months ago

  • Ilham Khurram
    Ilham Khurram7 dager siden

    Being a south asian, i can tell that this cringe comes from our ppl. Ssry yall

  • TruBlu
    TruBlu7 dager siden

    5:47 "and, corn"