My Dad Is Rich


shot by Christian Owens
produced by Fantom Beats
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NOlocal, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • Parker
    Parker9 måneder siden

    i liked most of it, but the parts about his dad were a little weird!

  • Emily Monahan

    Emily Monahan

    5 timer siden

    thank you for the input parker!

  • hi sisters

    hi sisters

    14 dager siden


  • club ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    club ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    Måned siden

    @* do 1 more update

  • Bangy


    Måned siden

    Little bit like Panco

  • Unsuspected Laughter

    Unsuspected Laughter

    2 måneder siden

    Yea no shit.

  • Henrietta Grubb
    Henrietta Grubb5 timer siden

    I'm just coming back to say I just got the shape of water joke👍

  • AKA Chicken Nuggets
    AKA Chicken Nuggets8 timer siden

    I unironically enjoy this song and it scares me

  • serendipity
    serendipity14 timer siden

    Danny is better than most of the rappers out there. Just imagine if he actually starts making music seriously? It's over

  • amber
    amber17 timer siden

    unironically, danny looks really good here 0:12 and all the other parts with the same bg and outfit

  • Anygays.mp3
    Anygays.mp318 timer siden

    why does this song actually slap so hard

  • _


    8 timer siden

    Idk but i actually listen to this as a joke but not as a joke at the same time.

  • juliette oneiromancy
    juliette oneiromancy18 timer siden

    ngl the "trickle down economics" part is actually somehow good what

  • Sara P.Juniper
    Sara P.JuniperDag siden

    If you've seen the POV tiktok video by Danny then you know all the references.

  • spicy skills
    spicy skillsDag siden

    My dad is a zombie and rich

  • Gellért Péter
    Gellért PéterDag siden

    sick beat bro :D

  • Swoop
    SwoopDag siden

    Can't believe I almost forgot to watch this today.

    FRANKEN FURTERR2 dager siden

    theres no reason for this to go so HARD *grabs ankles*

  • ThrillerJ
    ThrillerJ2 dager siden

    Why this actually fire?

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay2 dager siden

    I liked the par where he talked about his dad

  • Nick 13
    Nick 133 dager siden

    Lance Stroll when his dad bought Force India

  • Claire Audient
    Claire Audient3 dager siden

    This is always unironically stuck in my head. THX DANNY

  • Aeofl e
    Aeofl e3 dager siden

    damn didnt know Alucard does rapping these days

  • Bogdan Bararu
    Bogdan Bararu3 dager siden

    I love this song lol

  • take on me take me on
    take on me take me on3 dager siden

    my mans rented an entire mansion

  • Félix Pomerleau
    Félix Pomerleau4 dager siden

    Ok but I just noticed the 'money don't stop but it got a lot of comas' rhyme and I am flabergasted by it's genius

  • Komodo lolcraft
    Komodo lolcraft4 dager siden

    this is unironically one of my favorite songs ;-;

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay4 dager siden

    I can't tell what key this is supposed to be

  • Chance Productions
    Chance Productions4 dager siden

    Half the things in this music video are cgi

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay4 dager siden

    *casually makes high quality music as a joke*

  • Shenje Shimozuru
    Shenje Shimozuru5 dager siden

    The beats do

  • Nina Goldsmith
    Nina Goldsmith5 dager siden

    “You will never have a rich dad. You will always have a tiny baby b*tch dad” -Danny Gonzales

  • K Y
    K Y5 dager siden

    Danny needs to make a diss track please!!

  • box fox
    box fox5 dager siden

    ngl this shit is fire

  • That Equine Pessimist
    That Equine Pessimist5 dager siden

    Can we just appreciate how amazing Danny is at singing!

  • Jordan
    Jordan6 dager siden

    That song has a huge Tiny Meat Gang vibe!!!

  • Aolani Nikito
    Aolani Nikito6 dager siden

    This would be perfect theme for vampire dad in dark shadows

  • Ultra The real
    Ultra The real6 dager siden

    Jokes on you i dont have a dad

  • Carmen Sandiego
    Carmen Sandiego6 dager siden


  • Aliza Blanner
    Aliza Blanner7 dager siden


  • tejasvati singh
    tejasvati singh8 dager siden

    WHY does this song end😢

  • Crystine Whitbeck
    Crystine Whitbeck8 dager siden

    Hahaha the tiktoks I get it 🤣🤣🤣

  • woah
    woah8 dager siden

    yall ever just come back here and listen to this masterpiece ?

  • tejasvati singh

    tejasvati singh

    8 dager siden


  • K Y
    K Y8 dager siden

    Why is this so good 😂

  • Daneenthebest
    Daneenthebest9 dager siden

    Who's house is that

  • Danayki Rivero
    Danayki Rivero9 dager siden

    The 1.1k dislikes are people who hate good content

  • Boom Speed
    Boom Speed9 dager siden

    The beat tho-

  • gfaxy
    gfaxy9 dager siden

    his rhymes are just too much

  • Mikoto Kuriyama
    Mikoto Kuriyama9 dager siden

    Idk how I got here but this shit actually slaps

  • Sarah Bunnell
    Sarah Bunnell10 dager siden

    little bread like panko

  • Pheobe Jackson
    Pheobe Jackson10 dager siden

    “Little bread like panko” Damn. Goddamn that’s good.

  • Treestain
    Treestain10 dager siden

    Cant tell if that movement is golfing or baseball

  • Comrade Lee
    Comrade Lee10 dager siden

    I barely even remember what the context for this was, and that kinda makes this even funnier

  • Kirby
    Kirby11 dager siden

    Jokes on him, I got no dad

  • the white thing
    the white thing11 dager siden

    omg I feel like such a lyrical analysis man after realizing what 'the money never stops but it's got a lot of commas' actually means. Unless vampires don't have comas if so I'm disappointed in everything

  • Natalie


    10 dager siden

    Unfortunately I don't think it's about comas. When writing down money, you use a comma every 3rd digit, so he has many digits worth of dollars, and a full stop would be a period, but the money doesn't stop flowing, so instead of a period it has commas. Hope this helped lol it felt like a lot to type lol

  • Mister Thirteen
    Mister Thirteen11 dager siden

    (almost) JoJo part 5 in a nutshell

  • Femya Pallas
    Femya Pallas12 dager siden

    My dad thinks Danny is actually serious and doesn't know that its all jokes

  • Aleena Garcia
    Aleena Garcia12 dager siden

    Dang imagine being so rich your house has a exit sign

  • nada badi
    nada badi12 dager siden

    this song is more ticktockable than the song that he made specifically for tick tock.

  • Sedona Halter
    Sedona Halter12 dager siden

    Give me an arbitrary job because I’ve got no skills, nepotism’s got me making them bills- so unnecessarily hard

  • Riley Complains
    Riley Complains12 dager siden

    Why is his music just good its just way to good

  • Joonas Evald Pik
    Joonas Evald Pik12 dager siden

    The beat is e p i c.

  • Caroline Felsted
    Caroline Felsted12 dager siden

    So.......... Draco Malfoy?

  • rq pp

    rq pp

    12 dager siden

    Lmao right

  • Esa K.
    Esa K.12 dager siden


  • Alex K
    Alex K12 dager siden

    May 2021 Update: This still goes hard

  • Yassin Eltanani
    Yassin Eltanani14 dager siden

    the bass hit harder than my dad

  • Poppy Seed
    Poppy Seed14 dager siden

    The CGI money I- 👁️👄👁️

  • SaffreBlue
    SaffreBlue14 dager siden

    Draco Malfoy who...?

  • Idk_lif3
    Idk_lif314 dager siden

    This was 8 months ago 😳

  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez15 dager siden

    I wish this song was longer

  • Zaydian Brito
    Zaydian Brito15 dager siden

    Wait then who is your mom

  • Gamer's Warfare 17
    Gamer's Warfare 1715 dager siden

    Common man this guy makes songs better than other real ones

  • Mr. Paranormal
    Mr. Paranormal15 dager siden

    Wait....... does that mean Danny is a vampire?

  • Kenneth Khang Pham
    Kenneth Khang Pham15 dager siden

    why does he look like Kiryu here 1:36

  • Kenneth Khang Pham
    Kenneth Khang Pham15 dager siden

    DRIP DANNY 1:38

  • Gregorius Arthur
    Gregorius Arthur16 dager siden

    Is he our Dad too?

  • ComputerDefeated
    ComputerDefeated16 dager siden

    I realised the part where there's a bunch of money it is actually cg money don't know how it took me this long to realise

  • Stephanie Perrin
    Stephanie Perrin16 dager siden

    This beat is amazing tho!!

  • The Girlfriend
    The Girlfriend16 dager siden

    *_my dad is a demon from a rapping game. And you compete with this lame guy?_*

  • _


    16 dager siden

    cringe friday night rapping sucks

  • Bitch boy
    Bitch boy16 dager siden

    I like the part where he flexes his dad

  • brynnelle rachay
    brynnelle rachay16 dager siden

    Hey Danny has anyone told you you look like your dad?

  • Ha? Hatdog.
    Ha? Hatdog.17 dager siden

    He flex his vampire, gang boss, mafia dad.

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch17 dager siden

    You know what’s weird. I prefer the non music video one because that photo of Danny’s dad is so fucking funny

  • just a smøl tøwn gir

    just a smøl tøwn gir

    15 dager siden


  • Treestain
    Treestain17 dager siden

    wherre does he get these houses

  • SereneSomething
    SereneSomething18 dager siden

    "I get that money from the top (bitch) Call that trickle-down economics You don't wanna mess with me I promise The money never stops, but it's got a lot of commas" GOD that is such a banger, you would never guess that those lines are from a song about a vampire dad

  • Moxy Girl
    Moxy Girl18 dager siden

    Where was this filmed ?

  • Emma Speckels
    Emma Speckels19 dager siden

    “you could have money in the back but your dad can’t hang cause he don’t have fangs and he don’t lead gangs, bitch”

  • Micah Guillemette
    Micah Guillemette19 dager siden

    This is the only flexing song i will respect

  • Pxstelloxo
    Pxstelloxo20 dager siden


  • Bgts 12
    Bgts 1220 dager siden

    This guy would hiss at you in the school hall ways

  • Scott Baldwin
    Scott Baldwin21 dag siden

    Look I know this song is a shitpost song but WHY DOES IT SLAP SO HARD

  • Lamp
    Lamp21 dag siden

    draco malfoy when someone's slightly rude to him:

  • Corn Boy
    Corn Boy21 dag siden

    The best song by Young Face

  • Trinity Innit
    Trinity Innit22 dager siden

    Why is half dannys songs jokes but there normally the best songs of the year there made in

  • Sol 3
    Sol 322 dager siden

    NOlocal: Exists Danny: Drops bars about his rich vampire mafia boss dad NOlocal: "Perfection"

  • Monisha Gowda
    Monisha Gowda22 dager siden

    I suddenly imagined Draco Malfoy singing this...."MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!!!"

  • aginger7745
    aginger774523 dager siden

    This is fire

  • maggotbreath
    maggotbreath23 dager siden

    the way vampire dad just stands there w a completely blank expression is killing me

  • pxy online
    pxy online23 dager siden


  • Crust Crusader
    Crust Crusader23 dager siden

  • ayshane aviles
    ayshane aviles23 dager siden

    what i didnt even know this existed


    I saw this in a vid then idk who wrote this before but wow dude ya really outdid ur self

  • Crystal Newman
    Crystal Newman23 dager siden


  • MaxMizzle
    MaxMizzle23 dager siden

    YAAAAAAAAH thas hot

  • Josie Ouira
    Josie Ouira23 dager siden

    What Danny video inspired this song? I know the story behind all his songs except this one. I love this track but want to properly enjoy it by knowing the background

  • Josie Ouira

    Josie Ouira

    18 dager siden

    @Moxy Girl thanks girl!

  • Moxy Girl

    Moxy Girl

    18 dager siden

    His video for this is called POV I'm your vampire dad

  • Pengtropica
    Pengtropica24 dager siden

    This is..not what I expected