Spooky House: The Worst Halloween Movie Ever


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Spooky House is very bad.
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  • Donnie Higbee
    Donnie Higbee8 timer siden

    I wanna be as petty as Dawn Star. "Oh you don't want a kid? I'll come back when you come to your senses. Let me know, I'll wait."

  • Donnie Higbee
    Donnie Higbee8 timer siden

    The kid just wants a cool dad

  • Donnie Higbee
    Donnie Higbee8 timer siden

    Scaring kids is fun. And to be fair he was asking them to stay away nicely. And those kids are trespassing.

  • Donnie Higbee
    Donnie Higbee8 timer siden

    The great Zamboni is the most interesting man in the world.

  • Scarlett Pierce
    Scarlett Pierce17 timer siden

    Maybe because he whispered that he hated children she fuckin shapeshifted and would only turn back into a human when he like adopts a kid or some shit 😭😩

  • Ineichen
    Ineichen21 time siden

    Honestly, this has big-time classic Scooby Doo vibes. I'd have probably enjoyed this as a kid. Also, I'd like to point out that believing his wife just decided on her own to disappear and run away for some reason isn't that unreasonable. If it's not meant to be real magic, then she would have not really been in the star when it went up. She should have already been inside the globe, or on her way there. He would have had every reason to assume she didn't blow up with it. He would really have every reason as a sane person to just assume she decided to disappear on her own, even if staging such an event to run away would be kind of insane. I mean, if anything a presumed kidnapping would maybe have been more reasonable. Something like "Oh no, while my wife was hidden for the trick someone took her" or something would maybe be more reasonable. But if after investigation no evidence for that was found, and he knows he didn't do anything to her, then there's really only one conclusion left for him. Oh, and I have no explanation for the wife is the jaguar.

  • Abbygayle M
    Abbygayle MDag siden

    this is an accurate depiction of what would happen if Harry had lived with Snape

  • hudson ceceally
    hudson ceceallyDag siden

    mom can we get Halloween movie? mom: we have Halloween movie at home Halloween movie at home:

  • The Almighty GONK Droid
    The Almighty GONK DroidDag siden

    I knew it was going to be his wife because I've seen too many movies

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis2 dager siden

    You should've made "good right cross" shirts with that then a big red arm punching in an actual right cross maybe

  • Thunder Bot
    Thunder Bot2 dager siden

    9:27 it looks like he is playing with pokemon cards

  • probably a human being
    probably a human being2 dager siden

    I'm surprised he wasn't arrested again under suspicion of having his wife locked up somewhere for 11 years or something

  • Sherri Wallace
    Sherri Wallace2 dager siden

    28:40 did any of you see the light

  • CS
    CS2 dager siden

    The girl with glasses is actually a boy lol

  • Shajukumar Sivaramapillai
    Shajukumar Sivaramapillai2 dager siden


  • kutsubako_
    kutsubako_2 dager siden

    We're just vibing lookin for some goat. Bruh in dying

  • Anon Y Mos
    Anon Y Mos3 dager siden

    I predicted the plot twist when he pointed out the fact that the jaguar didn't come out of the other thing

  • honeyvoicehwang
    honeyvoicehwang3 dager siden

    11:18 im predicting the magician is max's dad

  • honeyvoicehwang


    3 dager siden


  • shulamithbond
    shulamithbond3 dager siden


  • Donnie Higbee

    Donnie Higbee

    8 timer siden

    You know it!

  • Random Stuffs!
    Random Stuffs!3 dager siden

    I heard "I ate children"...

  • Michelle T
    Michelle T3 dager siden

    Honestly, i thought that the thieves boss was dawn star and she purposely disappeared bc he said he hates children

  • Onion Lord
    Onion Lord4 dager siden

    It would’ve made the movie way better if all the kids were orphans and they slowly died one by one and the magician adopted the last one alive, like when the person was in the pumpkin and it got stabbed, they died cause they didn’t leave the pumpkin, and at the end during the magic trick max exploded like the wife but he actually exploded and the last person was watching the show and they got adopted, thank you for listening to my Ted talk

  • Chloe S
    Chloe S5 dager siden

    0:32 *clears throat* you didn’t see that coming? For anyone who gets that reference ily

  • Mistaken Bacon43
    Mistaken Bacon435 dager siden

    I am Greg 😀

  • Mistaken Bacon43
    Mistaken Bacon435 dager siden

    Hi Greg

  • Jagoda Winkelbauer
    Jagoda Winkelbauer5 dager siden

    thats kinda furry

  • Artin Amini
    Artin Amini5 dager siden

    i might sound so stupid but i wish there was a minecraft map of that spooky house, cuz ngl the spooky house looks cool

  • Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas5 dager siden

    I saw the plot twist coming

  • Katica Grund
    Katica Grund5 dager siden

    Technoblade is typing . . .

  • Noah Wood
    Noah Wood6 dager siden

    Help me stepjaguar, I’m stuck in the couch

  • NONO dude Yes
    NONO dude Yes6 dager siden


  • NONO dude Yes
    NONO dude Yes6 dager siden


  • NONO dude Yes
    NONO dude Yes6 dager siden

    1:25 - 126

  • Hi Greg
    Hi Greg6 dager siden

    just realised one of the bullies is the girl from 'ginger snaps'

  • NONO dude Yes

    NONO dude Yes

    6 dager siden

    Yes, me too.

  • M6fiacat Gamming
    M6fiacat Gamming6 dager siden

    10:32 discord light theme be like

  • NONO dude Yes

    NONO dude Yes

    6 dager siden


  • The Saurus AKA [sick] AKA The OMC
    The Saurus AKA [sick] AKA The OMC7 dager siden

    Seriously disappointed that the twist wasn't that the jaguar jumps out and mauls the shit out the kid.

  • NONO dude Yes

    NONO dude Yes

    6 dager siden

    Me too. We need that cryptic-tv ending.

  • SaltySalch23
    SaltySalch237 dager siden

    dude, this movie was my childhood, I watched it so many time when I was younger!

  • I love skittles
    I love skittles7 dager siden

    Is it just me? Or did Max either assume the jaguar's gender or does he know the jaguar is the great Zamboni's wife???? In the scene the jaguar's tail was stuck in the couch.

  • NONO dude Yes

    NONO dude Yes

    6 dager siden

    It’s not just you. I saw that too.

  • D H
    D H7 dager siden


  • NONO dude Yes

    NONO dude Yes

    6 dager siden


  • Vnxiety
    Vnxiety7 dager siden

    Sorry I think you made a typo, Im PRETTY sure you meant to say b e s t

  • R3FL3X
    R3FL3X8 dager siden

    Scuffed Harry Potter

  • Yayaye
    Yayaye8 dager siden

    my guess: the jaguar is really just the wife I was correct

  • EVANescence
    EVANescence8 dager siden

    I thought the plot twist was gonna be max was his actual kid

  • Cristian Hernandez
    Cristian Hernandez8 dager siden

    Even Wikipedia has no clue how the movie ended.

  • Shad0w_D1n0
    Shad0w_D1n08 dager siden

    The new kramus movies are trash:/

  • Nyumy Cookie
    Nyumy Cookie9 dager siden

    I actually searched up what the fastest growing family on NOlocal was and it said Greg

  • Elmundo Chip
    Elmundo Chip9 dager siden

    7:57 A Princess in Distress 🔔

  • NONO dude Yes

    NONO dude Yes

    6 dager siden

    Poor princess...

  • brynlyn mccormick
    brynlyn mccormick9 dager siden

    mr.zanboney is a mood

  • Sabrina F
    Sabrina F9 dager siden

    i thought that the creepy woman who ordered the bullies was his wife... but no its the jaguar

  • Alex T
    Alex T10 dager siden

    dawn starr really walked so amy dunne could run

  • Carlos Arellano Conriquez
    Carlos Arellano Conriquez10 dager siden

    Not even joking, some parts of this video made me laugh cry

  • Jill Ridlehoover
    Jill Ridlehoover11 dager siden

    okay but why is the magician named after an ice rink cleaner lol

  • Lilliae
    Lilliae11 dager siden

    i think the jaguar was supposed to be his wife but she got turned into it and then it turned back after the trick?

  • 日本のスカイライン
    日本のスカイライン11 dager siden

    Me looking at a Panther: *That's a Jaguar!* Also me looking at any red car: *FEraRi??*

  • BV
    BV12 dager siden

    11:07 So no one's going to acknowledge the fact that is ten times bigger and is just a black void? Ok

  • Collin Corriveau
    Collin Corriveau12 dager siden

    Holy shit… I used to watch this all the time as a kid and I’ve been trying to remember what it was called for years now

  • cØsmic mΔtter
    cØsmic mΔtter12 dager siden

    2:41 i really thought he meant they car.

  • Krian Cembrano
    Krian Cembrano12 dager siden

    3:45 can we have Danny do a cover hahahaha

  • Water Works
    Water Works12 dager siden


  • I_Am_Kawaii
    I_Am_Kawaii13 dager siden

    I love how at the time of rewatching this video for like the 30th time, it has 3,306,666 views and it's a spooky movie lol

  • Reeyen Patel
    Reeyen Patel13 dager siden

    Danny: so theres a plot twist in the movie Me: yea but which one...

  • Gabriel Lie
    Gabriel Lie14 dager siden


  • Kaiz
    Kaiz14 dager siden

    Why is that one kid eating his pizza from the crust down- 4:32

  • AtomicGaming
    AtomicGaming14 dager siden

    The spinning turned her into a jungle cat and then the spinning turned her back into a woman

  • Sir Hacker Man
    Sir Hacker Man14 dager siden

    why is there a man named after a cleaning machine and his wife named after a skyrim city

  • Aidan Bradley
    Aidan Bradley14 dager siden

    I’m the real Aidan

  • hornet is void

    hornet is void

    8 dager siden


  • Hashibira Family
    Hashibira Family14 dager siden

    Say it now or you'll get a GREAT RIGHT CROSS *points gun*

  • Hashibira Family
    Hashibira Family14 dager siden

    Why does no one acknowledge that the panther is real?

  • Claude Frollo
    Claude Frollo15 dager siden

    Dawn Star really said 🧍🏻‍♀️⭐️✨🐆

  • Thomas Haddix
    Thomas Haddix16 dager siden


  • hornet is void

    hornet is void

    8 dager siden

    @Real Dababy it's what we call a bot

  • hornet is void

    hornet is void

    8 dager siden


  • Real Dababy

    Real Dababy

    15 dager siden

    what in the name of the lord is this. Jesus christ this is weird. Oh my God.

  • Charles Peckham
    Charles Peckham16 dager siden

    The synopsis for Spooky House on Wikipedia stops after Shadow's tail gets caught in the couch.

  • Kaira Campbell
    Kaira Campbell17 dager siden

    Danny its not a laptop

  • Sunshine Battlefield
    Sunshine Battlefield17 dager siden

    Spooky house more like my face

  • Sadie Jones
    Sadie Jones17 dager siden

    max stuck in the couch: HeLp LeMmE gO hElP lEmMe Go

  • robotic chaos
    robotic chaos17 dager siden

    STOP how did I guess that was the plot twist?

  • IamLime 144
    IamLime 14417 dager siden

    totally saw that coming

  • Shiloh Holland
    Shiloh Holland18 dager siden

    Omg I actually guessed that

  • King_George's_spit _
    King_George's_spit _18 dager siden

    I've read wattpad smut with better plot than this movie.

  • Ana Santiago
    Ana Santiago18 dager siden

    28:39 look at the lamp

  • Paul McKeever
    Paul McKeever19 dager siden

    Being a server, I can confirm that sometimes you just have to mumble "I hate children" to yourself.

  • Zachery M
    Zachery M19 dager siden

    am i the only one who got annoyed because the movie audio is quiet but the danny audio is loud

  • CloudNIN420


    15 dager siden

    No it's very annoying

  • Antiquity
    Antiquity19 dager siden

    I feel like this Zamboni guy reminds me of Severus Snape so much that I can't watch this whole thing properly

  • Willie Silley
    Willie Silley20 dager siden

    Yeah this video was awesome!!! Im gonna give the like button a great right cross!

  • Lulu Ciferia
    Lulu Ciferia20 dager siden

    You should watch this shitty movie my bf's sister produced called aliens in the attic it's so bad

  • Adilene Espino
    Adilene Espino20 dager siden

    " he's an orphan " technoblade: " I DROP KICKED THAT CHILD IN SELF DEFENCE "

    AXOLOTL20 dager siden


  • Kai DeRubis
    Kai DeRubis20 dager siden

    Hold up I thought he said "I hate to kill you"

  • BV
    BV20 dager siden

    Moral Of The Story: everyone hates the great Zamboni because he killed his wife He blew her up on TV *Let his van burn*

  • Rain
    Rain21 dag siden


  • Dan D
    Dan D21 dag siden

    Isn't it obvious? she jumped off the star and landed in the rocket and time is different in space.

  • CloudNIN420


    15 dager siden


  • skylar english
    skylar english21 dag siden

    now everyone hates him because he "killed" his jaguar

  • Gs Lol
    Gs Lol21 dag siden


  • Gs Lol

    Gs Lol

    21 dag siden


  • Manny Lai
    Manny Lai21 dag siden

    some weird racist shit in that second trick

  • Kryptic Camera Man
    Kryptic Camera Man21 dag siden

    Spoopy House

  • Kodus
    Kodus21 dag siden

    Just noticed it right now, at 2:00 when the star explodes, you can see what looks to be a spirit fly out of it really quickly. So yeah he wasn't wrong, she technically did run away.

  • Furry animals are awesome
    Furry animals are awesome21 dag siden

    The goat ate his wife...

  • Taro Boba
    Taro Boba22 dager siden

    I was watching this movie while watching this 😂

  • keira devlin
    keira devlin22 dager siden

    you can tell that danny is REALLY mad at the end of the movie

  • Hudson Menashe
    Hudson Menashe22 dager siden


  • This is a tree
    This is a tree22 dager siden

    I think the reason Dawn Star dissapeared after the dude said he hated kids, is because they probably discussed having kids before the show or smt and she just- yeah it still doesn't make sense