Spooky Man


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The finale of the Spooky Boy Saga
Journey through the whole Spooky Boy Saga nolocal.info/have/video/oXihecOlp2to1Hw
Shot by Christian Owens nolocal.info
Produced By Anywaywell
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  • Sinja
    Sinja5 timer siden

    danggg godly

  • Mr. Eminem
    Mr. Eminem6 timer siden

    So I told my friend about Danny and I never pointed out that he was a comedian, so she thought that he was like this serious dude, so she decided to check him out and she clicked on this video when it first came out back in October, and she was so scared, she thought that he was this serious artist, and when she saw this she freaked out and dropped her phone lol. (She's a Greg now)

  • HeyItzJenine
    HeyItzJenineDag siden

    This year has to be Spooky Dude. I'm calling it

  • The Fairchild Bros.
    The Fairchild Bros.2 dager siden

    you always say you'll teach me how to spook the right amount but you never did!

  • ItzJewel :3
    ItzJewel :32 dager siden

    Spooky man after inventing Halloween: 💸💸💸

  • nick gaming
    nick gaming3 dager siden

    Bars so fire, it's scary

  • jiiyota
    jiiyota3 dager siden

    Can’t wait for “Spooky Fetus” !!!!

  • Saltwater Mammal
    Saltwater Mammal3 dager siden

    My enjoyment of these Halloween songs is becoming less and less ironic year by year. This legitimately bops.

  • RajaGamer08
    RajaGamer084 dager siden

    Danny you could make a spooky Greg lol

  • DopeKnuckles
    DopeKnuckles5 dager siden

    This is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Last_Surprise
    Last_Surprise6 dager siden

    “Cackling like a witch in the woods” “HeE hE

  • Noah Phillips
    Noah Phillips7 dager siden


  • Azure_Tea
    Azure_Tea8 dager siden

    Danny be spitting BARS

  • Danchu
    Danchu8 dager siden

    Can't wait for spooky grandpa

    BOB JEFF9 dager siden

    This song is better than six nines entire Career

  • trite
    trite10 dager siden

    Ah yes, the four stages of life. Boy, guy, ho, and, finally, man.

  • dat ash
    dat ash10 dager siden

    who the fuck dislikes a masterpiece like this

  • CooperBrwn
    CooperBrwn10 dager siden

    FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

  • iFailFlash
    iFailFlash11 dager siden

    I keep saying, if this dude didn't fucking troll on every song, he'd be spittin mad shit.

  • Sr Ghostly
    Sr Ghostly12 dager siden

    Recommendation for next year: spooky bro

  • armeen
    armeen12 dager siden

    "Danny phantom in this bitch"

  • Dahmino Effect
    Dahmino Effect12 dager siden

    Anybody else work out to this song?

  • Family Account Gilbert
    Family Account Gilbert12 dager siden

    This year's is the best one so far

  • Treestain
    Treestain12 dager siden

    2021: "spooky joe" 2022: "spooky toe"

  • Reii
    Reii12 dager siden

    Spooky Senior 2021

  • Esa K.
    Esa K.12 dager siden


  • Holly Kopacek
    Holly Kopacek13 dager siden

    I hope he makes a song with rich boy and spooky man talking about being brothers

  • vvarity
    vvarity14 dager siden

    fun fact: danny invented halloween

  • silky pun
    silky pun14 dager siden

    Why do I like this song?..................................... ........

  • Unisheen
    Unisheen16 dager siden

    Boo it’s spooky season

  • Christian Prokop
    Christian Prokop17 dager siden

    damn, this one was also on my birthday..... pog

  • Treestain
    Treestain18 dager siden

    "The finale of the Spooky Boy Saga" *n o*

  • Kai Cuevas
    Kai Cuevas19 dager siden

    were did you get the suit

  • User on 2 bars
    User on 2 bars20 dager siden


  • LittleSalem
    LittleSalem20 dager siden

    Boo bitch, I just can't stop Ay, putting out spooky boy bops Witches and pumpkins, I got that wap Feeling like a gargoyle 'cause I'm sitting on top Used to be a spooky boy but I grew some Yeah, now I'm even more gruesome I've been working all year on some new spooky tactics Bitch so you bet I'm gonna use them Boo, bitch, I look like Frankenstein All my bullshit about to come alive Y'all looking like Jaystation Like, you don't wanna call me at 3 am You don't wanna catch these fangs Got these fake spooky dudes looking like zombies The way they all wish they could have my brains, bitch All y'all been sleeping, I've been creeping every day I feel like drake, I keep my money in a grave Got my spooky suit on and I'm on a spooky cape, yeah I'm a spooky dude and I've just found my spooky prey Crawl out of my tomb and then I'm spooking through the night, yeah In the darkest alley, I'll be creeping up behind ya I'ma do my spooky dance until the morning light comes Spooking is my life 'cause I'm a spooky man Ay, yuh, I'm a spooky man Sounds like a superhero, more like the boogeyman At your Halloween party just for the goodie bags Haters like evil scientists 'cause they looking mad Cackling like a witch in the woods Bars king-sized like the rich neighborhoods When I pull up to your house now I just say, "Treat" I don't want a trick man now that's just no good (just no good) Danny Phantom in this bitch, tell that witch hop in my ride Haunted mansion with the whip, couldn't spook me if you tried Dad's a vampire, mom's a witch, I've been spooky my whole life Spooky dancing in my crib, yeah, spooky baby boy I'm gonna spook your ass no matter what you say Comin' down your streets like it's a whole spooky parade Got my spooky sweater on and my spooky barret I'm a spooky dude and I just found my spooky prey Crawl out of my tomb and then I'm spooking through the night, Yeah In the darkest alley, I'll be creeping up behind ya (I'll be creeping) I'ma do my spooky dance until the morning light comes Spooking is my life 'cause I'm a spooky man Even fifty years from now when I'm a spooky old man You've all but forgotten the spooky tales I've told, yeah Here comes spooky senior just to spook you in the cold, yeah With his creepy old hands I'm a spooky man I'm a spooky man

  • spencer
    spencer21 dag siden

    March: *ends* me:

  • pretty kitty boy kenma
    pretty kitty boy kenma21 dag siden

    I love how he makes these to be funny and they always end up being actual bops

  • IslaQuinnッ
    IslaQuinnッ24 dager siden

    I still get the pumpkin on my head autotune vibes

  • Lilnebbie Gaming
    Lilnebbie Gaming24 dager siden

    when Danny's like 70 he should make a spooky senior song

  • David Lafaye
    David Lafaye24 dager siden

    Thats ashame that this parody is waaay better than half the shit that's out now

  • PridelessChickz


    14 dager siden

    It's even worse that it's this way on purpose by the elites..

  • Daxos Nessus
    Daxos Nessus25 dager siden

    Matpat I need you for a moment- is the guy from 'my dad is rich' the same one as in the spooky boy saga?

  • Daxos Nessus

    Daxos Nessus

    25 dager siden


  • The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
    The Mos Eisley Cantina Band25 dager siden

    spooky baby boy

  • planet 4
    planet 426 dager siden

    i am not going to be okay when halloween comes around and we dont get a new spooky song. (its good that he's not gonna drag it out and i respect that but also im gonna miss seeing danny do a spooky song each year)

  • Gabriella Menezes
    Gabriella Menezes26 dager siden

    "Dad's a vampire mom's a witch." Technically you would be a dhampir, so quite spooky indeed.

  • natalie
    natalie26 dager siden


  • Ashton Higginbotham
    Ashton Higginbotham27 dager siden

    This had to be my favorite song hes made

  • Ghosts
    Ghosts27 dager siden

    Oh, spooky senior is next?

  • gage murray
    gage murray27 dager siden

    Play fnf

  • jord loves danny lol
    jord loves danny lol27 dager siden

    i love you

  • Anne
    Anne27 dager siden

    Im sorry danny but this is so cringy

  • Yuko
    Yuko27 dager siden

    spookee month

  • BiggerSteve
    BiggerSteve27 dager siden

    Can't wait for spooky elder!

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi28 dager siden

    He’s seriously too good at rhyming wth

  • arumugam s

    arumugam s

    27 dager siden

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  • Trinity Innit
    Trinity Innit29 dager siden

    1:22 Michal Jackson?

  • Oh No!
    Oh No!29 dager siden

    I can't be the only one who just randomly comes back to this video because why not.

  • viv
    viv29 dager siden

    this is what i mean when i say I listen to rap

  • JC plays
    JC playsMåned siden

    i want to see the unedited part of this vedio lol

  • JC plays

    JC plays

    Måned siden

    sorry video

  • gracie
    gracieMåned siden

    I recognize that haunted folding table

  • Chilled kitten
    Chilled kittenMåned siden

    cant wait for the spooky boy rap this year

  • plantx
    plantxMåned siden

    spooki boi uwu

  • NotMrMortalYeet
    NotMrMortalYeetMåned siden

    Danny Gonzalez's Dark Side

  • BulldogBlast
    BulldogBlastMåned siden

    In one song he said his dad was vampire, spooky man = the same person who sung "rich dad" confirmed!?!?!

  • Pineapple_くま!!
    Pineapple_くま!!Måned siden

    Spooky boy, Spooky Guy, to Spooky Ho, And now Spooky Man, what a legend 🙂✌

  • Chimera Pictures
    Chimera PicturesMåned siden

    He’s evolved

  • Brenden Evans
    Brenden EvansMåned siden

    I hope he actually leaves this alone and then does spooky dad to announce when he has a kid

  • an idiot
    an idiotMåned siden

    this is what imma play while kids r knocking on my door

  • Monsieur Bonjour - I speak english
    Monsieur Bonjour - I speak englishMåned siden

    well, now that you're a spooky man you have to deal with spooky taxes.

  • uRyL Sky
    uRyL SkyMåned siden

    in ten years hes gonna randomly post spooky seinior or spooky old man

  • mb
    mbMåned siden

    I know he's being ironic but this shit slaps hard

  • Bossalatte Help
    Bossalatte HelpMåned siden

    I'm scared. lol but this is pretty good

  • Void Caron
    Void CaronMåned siden

    i keep forgetting that danny's songs legit slap

  • Tan27
    Tan27Måned siden

    I feel like danny is the only person that could make a bop with the line “I got my spooky beret”

  • Riky Bastiyan

    Riky Bastiyan

    27 dager siden

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  • Phyllis Ahrens
    Phyllis AhrensMåned siden

    Oh shit i shitted myself from this song it so scary.

  • Crybaby Baby
    Crybaby BabyMåned siden

    I live for this electric guitar in the background

  • Prentasaurus 348
    Prentasaurus 348Måned siden


  • Louisa McCann
    Louisa McCannMåned siden

    He’s gonna run out of things to put after spooky one year

  • Hollis


    Måned siden

    He already has, this was his last one.

  • Alistarr Galaxson
    Alistarr GalaxsonMåned siden

    At this point Danny and Ashnikko should collab with their Halloween songs👏🏽🤍😎

  • Will Harper
    Will HarperMåned siden

    Most underrated line ..."bars king size like the rich neighborhoods"

  • Anusuya A

    Anusuya A

    27 dager siden

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  • Meh Noice
    Meh NoiceMåned siden

    "Imma do my spooky dance until the morning light comes" So Danny is a fan of Sir Pelo?

  • Patentbuffalo09
    Patentbuffalo09Måned siden

    I feel like Danny is the kind of guy who can make a funky concept of a song just slap. Good job on this song 👍

  • Sam Kreblin
    Sam KreblinMåned siden

    Who else is watching this in March 🤣

  • David Loubon Kwaddeka Williams
    David Loubon Kwaddeka WilliamsMåned siden

    Spooky baby boy

  • Gon
    GonMåned siden

    You posted scary your gonna lose subscriber

  • Ben
    BenMåned siden

    This honestly bops

  • Gayce
    GayceMåned siden

    waiting for spooky dad

  • HMDM
    HMDMMåned siden

    "I just can't stop puting out spooky boy bops" F

  • Mad Dog
    Mad DogMåned siden

    F in the chats for spookie boi

  • Mad Dog

    Mad Dog

    Måned siden


  • maxime obesum
    maxime obesumMåned siden

    Y’all sleeping on 1:03 smh

  • Mr. Bluguy
    Mr. BluguyMåned siden

    Now in 50 years has to make a song called spooky senior

  • Caydon Holt
    Caydon HoltMåned siden

    New one should be spooky elderly 😂

  • Nina Goldsmith
    Nina GoldsmithMåned siden

    “I’m at your Halloween party just for the goodie bag” I felt that

  • Anna Cogswell
    Anna CogswellMåned siden

    So he's a son of a witch I'm sorry I know I'm like 5 months late

  • Water God
    Water GodMåned siden

    the fucking crow

  • NIgHTMaReFortyTwo
    NIgHTMaReFortyTwoMåned siden

    lol they pay like 90% of the people in the music industry millions of dollars for having like a quarter of your talent. The world is a ridiculous place.

  • Ethan
    EthanMåned siden

    Is it just me or did the production quality just quadruple? Like he went all out for this one.

  • vampire girl _14
    vampire girl _14Måned siden


  • rlynn
    rlynnMåned siden


  • Kaitlin
    KaitlinMåned siden

    I need him to collab with Ashnikko on a Halloween song 😫🙏💙🧡

  • Gueory Girls
    Gueory GirlsMåned siden


  • Nayda
    NaydaMåned siden

    Not at me unironically listening to Danny's music because it slaps as fuck