The King Copycat of TikTok


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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NOlocal, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez15 dager siden

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  • Kelly Lewis

    Kelly Lewis

    Dag siden

    I’m Åñ ĀçTøR

  • Xx stefan xX

    Xx stefan xX

    2 dager siden


  • Foxo 123

    Foxo 123

    2 dager siden

    Hey, Danny you should make a video about this youtuber called Topper Guild. Thanks.

  • Llama


    2 dager siden

    @NonNoeKnowing CNA

  • Llama


    2 dager siden

    @Nidron 9 ujj

  • ObsidianXD
    ObsidianXD12 minutter siden

    Soo- Stealing content = actor?

  • simplycc
    simplycc15 minutter siden

    the actor thing is such bizarre & wrong reasoning... if you're just acting, then you would credit whoever wrote the script or whatever right? actors don't claim to have come up with the content... so why is he????

  • Harmon Raux
    Harmon Raux39 minutter siden

    But his "yeeeeeah" videos slap tho

  • dash the hero
    dash the hero2 timer siden

    i would watch a full tom cruise avengers film aye

  • -Chiaki Nanami-
    -Chiaki Nanami-4 timer siden

    Remember 3 whiteboys are potched for there hair everytime you eat a bowl of ramen😔

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones4 timer siden

    Tik tok is cancer

  • Brilian Airlangga
    Brilian Airlangga5 timer siden

    Greg isnt the fastest growing army in the world but the real fastest growing army in the world is curtiss citizen

  • Nick Champagne
    Nick Champagne5 timer siden

    Supreme is back

  • Tinkerelly
    Tinkerelly6 timer siden

    «When you give me a script I will nail that shit» WHO gave him a script????????????????????????????

  • WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin?
    WhatIfSchrödinger’sBoxWasACoffin?6 timer siden

    Vocal fry is not intimidation.

  • Mini-21
    Mini-217 timer siden

    Man: Hol'up, HOL'UP. THAT SHIT IS GAS! Me: Yes. And the Earth taste's like Earth.

  • Mr Schneider
    Mr Schneider8 timer siden

    He is the type of kid to bring an apple to school thinking he would get an A+

  • Lalique d'Bruzzi
    Lalique d'Bruzzi8 timer siden

    That’s one of the Joker tictokers yeah? With the neck cracking and the crazy face

  • thevoicesmakethemstop
    thevoicesmakethemstop8 timer siden


  • Wilmer Kraig
    Wilmer Kraig9 timer siden

    The sudden himalayan principally tire because crayon computationally point apud a small pencil. utopian, tiny vacuum

  • Nilesh V.R
    Nilesh V.R10 timer siden


    OUTTA CONTROL10 timer siden

    every actor knows to credit their writers

  • AyeNash
    AyeNash11 timer siden

    les gooo

  • Lovely Soul
    Lovely Soul11 timer siden

    Yeah, everyone..... well 85% of people do what he do. 🤷🏽‍♀️ But him changing the sound and credits, that’s the shady part.

  • A B
    A B11 timer siden

    Jokes get recycled so much on tiktok

  • Blue Jay Jenna
    Blue Jay Jenna11 timer siden

    Sometimes I feel bad for these dudes that embarss themselves but than I remember they are fully grown and there is no excuse to be this fucking stupid

  • NuLL_btw
    NuLL_btw12 timer siden

    I mean... He's good at ACTING like the victim?

  • Melissa Lafferty
    Melissa Lafferty12 timer siden

    i work at a gas station

  • JimajamaZ_21
    JimajamaZ_2112 timer siden

    I havent seen this man since vine days jeeeeez

  • Stefania Styles
    Stefania Styles13 timer siden


  • blackpink is life
    blackpink is life13 timer siden

    "youre gonna have a lot of enimies!" * creeps out of chair * "i work at a gas station."

  • mariusz nidzgorski
    mariusz nidzgorski14 timer siden

    Does danny EVER age?!?! He's like 26 and looks 16 😳

  • JB the Gamer
    JB the Gamer14 timer siden

    Tiktok all same content for ever account every tiktok girl literally lol

  • 《 cosmic kawaii 》
    《 cosmic kawaii 》15 timer siden

    Hey, I'm upset about you stealing my- No. I'm suing you.

  • 《 cosmic kawaii 》
    《 cosmic kawaii 》15 timer siden

    That click sound probably him sending an email to all his friends to make alt accounts to hate on his videos

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee15 timer siden

    why did you delete the vid

  • Stinky boy
    Stinky boy15 timer siden

    Hey Danny if you don't stop being so funny your gonna have a lot of enemy after this ok sunny boy

  • Lil Blue
    Lil Blue16 timer siden

    0:08 Is your eye okay my guy?

  • Derek Suy
    Derek Suy16 timer siden

    I had always thought that Danny was like a movie actor. But I probably remember him bc of the I'm gonna kill Santa claus kiddo and never watched him again until now

  • Quazy Edits
    Quazy Edits18 timer siden

    Danny is the smartest funniest man i know

  • ツfrench toastツ
    ツfrench toastツ18 timer siden

    12:32 Is it just me or does he kinda sound like sykunno there

  • Juzim Jumao-as
    Juzim Jumao-as18 timer siden

    One thing I have to say... WHO ARE YOU AND IM NOT YA FAN IM JUST NEW OKZ

  • BeauxSelector
    BeauxSelector19 timer siden

    When you called to threaten Drew tho 😂

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell19 timer siden

    His dad is nick bolten and he will taze you with the tac tazer

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell19 timer siden

    Is he part of the mafia

  • Lina
    Lina19 timer siden

    How exactly is he improving these ideas? He is copying then word for word and shot for shot, not adding anything to it

  • Lina
    Lina19 timer siden

    8:45 Only thing I would've replied to this is: *my management and I

  • Németh Dominik
    Németh Dominik20 timer siden

    Daily fact: Tiktok is cancer

  • cool pinapple
    cool pinapple20 timer siden

    Hey danny can you react to robo-dog me and my class watched it in robotic class annnnnnd it was boring and the editing was awful-

  • Ethra
    Ethra21 time siden

    greg is fastest growing army on le youtube, i searched it... it confirmed

  • Woolier Blueberry
    Woolier Blueberry23 timer siden

    I don't like tiktok in the slightest, but as an artist, I understand the gravity of someone stealing content, regardless of platform

  • Wutaii1 Nostalgia
    Wutaii1 NostalgiaDag siden


  • l e p r o l h a s n o f r i e n d s
    l e p r o l h a s n o f r i e n d sDag siden

    I have no friends

    CJW VFXDag siden

    Only just realised that there's a picture of Danny using a inhaler

  • E.J. Hall
    E.J. HallDag siden

    7:17 it sounds like hes cutting his nails or something

  • ilovepotatoes like alot
    ilovepotatoes like alotDag siden


  • Gio XDD
    Gio XDDDag siden

    The click sound was probably a nerf gun

  • Shawn Collins
    Shawn CollinsDag siden

    All I Have To Say Is "I'm An A C T O R"? Young Man Finna Make Himself A career >:)

  • Kristin McCabe
    Kristin McCabeDag siden

    There is a fine line between inspiration and free booting

  • dr turtle
    dr turtleDag siden

    Pls check out Zhong on NOlocal. I would love to see your commentary on that channel.

  • KkCho
    KkChoDag siden

    I don’t believe u

  • Plan X
    Plan XDag siden

    I Think its kinda funny when Danny says like “youve probably seen it on your fyp” bc i def havent, my fyp is filled with LGBTQ+ and alt content

  • Kelly Lewis
    Kelly LewisDag siden

    I’m Åñ ĀçTøR

  • Kelly Lewis
    Kelly LewisDag siden

    I’m Åñ ĀçTøR

  • Kelly Lewis
    Kelly LewisDag siden

    I’m Åñ ĀçTøR

  • Kelly Lewis
    Kelly LewisDag siden

    I’m Åñ ĀçTøR

  • A s h l e I g h
    A s h l e I g hDag siden

    the lined up tik tok scene took me out it was so in sync

  • Kelly Lewis

    Kelly Lewis

    Dag siden


  • Colin Karch
    Colin KarchDag siden

    Could you make a video on this movie called Minor Details Like so Danny will see

  • Arijit Mazumdar
    Arijit MazumdarDag siden

    tbh an avengers movie where one actor is every character would be kinda funny

  • John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Johnstar IV
    John Jhon Jon Jonathan Johnson Johnston Johnstar IVDag siden


  • Itstimeforlife
    ItstimeforlifeDag siden

    3:37... THAT part!1

  • em o
    em oDag siden

    I don’t care about like copied vids, but not when your trying to pass it as your own. I see so any videos literally just cropped reposted videos not changed at all. I mean they can’t even take off the thumbnail correctly?!

  • Kevin Oquendo
    Kevin OquendoDag siden

    dam bro my man Danny looks like a mix of doctor Mike and Shawn Mendes

  • andre shulikov
    andre shulikovDag siden

    please react to stromedy hes this fake youtuber that pretends to find clowns and its just so funny and fake please react to it

  • Flo
    FloDag siden

    wait my name is greg im so confused why does he say whats up greg how does he know

  • DailyBumpsofamummyandwife Russell
    DailyBumpsofamummyandwife RussellDag siden

    the threting bit tho

  • Kieran Thompson
    Kieran ThompsonDag siden

    Statements about Greg are fact check: false

  • AFK
    AFKDag siden

    did danny just get sued after this vid cus he ain uploaded since

  • elizabeth k
    elizabeth kDag siden

    whats on ur shirt

  • boobookitty987
    boobookitty987Dag siden

    Danny. I love you. *pats head* u are a good human bean. 😊

  • lex umbart
    lex umbartDag siden


  • Helena Barone
    Helena BaroneDag siden

    tiktok loves boosting white creators that straight up have stolen content from poc creators

  • Altoflo
    AltofloDag siden

    React to rebecca zamelo

  • Rosa Sellman
    Rosa SellmanDag siden

    greg is superior what yall talking bout' just know its gonna make you a lot of enemies BuDdiE no but seriously greg is superior

  • arthur grenaderov
    arthur grenaderovDag siden

    Notification on I am truly Greg

  • a random comment
    a random commentDag siden

    I'm sorry Danny while I was looking up your video I typed Daddy by mistake I'm sorry I called you Daddy 😔

  • Smart Dart
    Smart DartDag siden

    2.7 million followers and 2.7 millions views (I’m not say I follow him) but what a coincidence

  • Isaiah mark
    Isaiah markDag siden

    I subscribed and I turned on notyyys I am finally Greg now

  • WTF guy
    WTF guyDag siden

    Why this nonsense was recommended to me? Algorithm... WTF?!

  • Ben Kenobi
    Ben KenobiDag siden

    Danny Morgz just made a video reacting to you i think you should watch it

  • andronik58
    andronik58Dag siden

    Wait he said is basially Yes i stole your video

  • TheUselessRedditor
    TheUselessRedditorDag siden

    I have subscribed and turned on the notifications.

  • KawaiiQueen
    KawaiiQueenDag siden

    i love when i look up whats the fastest growing army on youtube it actually says "Greg its greg" LOL

  • Alexa productions
    Alexa productionsDag siden

    Why did my mind make Danny wear a leopard coat in his pfp for a split second-

  • Moonxsta
    MoonxstaDag siden

    hes the "my dads own roblox" guy

  • Affan Mohammed
    Affan MohammedDag siden


  • 《Baby Tangerine》
    《Baby Tangerine》Dag siden

    Hey Danny Can You React To Itsfunneh ? I Love Her ( No Not That Kinda Love ) And I Would Like Your Opinion :)

  • 《Baby Tangerine》

    《Baby Tangerine》

    Dag siden

    @Sofie Hansen Oh Did You Stop Or Did You Forget About Her ? ( If You Dont Understand ' Used ' Is Usually Put In Sentences That Mean Like You Watched Her And Then Stopped So Yeah )

  • Sofie Hansen

    Sofie Hansen

    Dag siden

    I used to watch itsfunneh

  • Quarkz
    QuarkzDag siden

    Am i greg, for being a subscriber with notifications since the start of the pandemic??

  • lite senpai
    lite senpaiDag siden

    Yeah, imma take your content and make it better... by copying it word by word and frame by frame

  • bluToonMation
    bluToonMationDag siden

    Atleast this guy better than some tiktoker

  • Caleb Pillai
    Caleb PillaiDag siden

    Geez. There was like 30 videos lined up. And i couldnt tell the differences

  • exe Riley
    exe Riley2 dager siden

    3:26 Tiktac

  • Ixed Tea
    Ixed Tea2 dager siden

    This guy has the same energy as Paul Zimmer

    DEATH BRINGER2 dager siden

    @ channel