"Up" But Everything About It Is Bad


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If Up was made by a dumb baby
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  • Nabil Kavari
    Nabil Kavari5 timer siden

    HUBBA HUBBA lmfaooooooooooooo i wish we said that irl more

  • fleurtje fleur
    fleurtje fleur9 timer siden


  • Tabla Sechstitu
    Tabla Sechstitu10 timer siden

    *g e g*

  • sethera
    sethera16 timer siden

    smh not a single mention about how the VAs for amy rose, eggman, sonic and blaze the cat are all in this (from what i understand, its cuz they all were VAs at 4kids at the time, and the dubbing company or whatever borrows actors from 4kids for these)

  • KittyGamer 101
    KittyGamer 10117 timer siden

    Since it was a rip-off of UP I thought it would be called DOWN

  • Miks Mediocre Art
    Miks Mediocre Art21 time siden

    "would you like some tea?" No sorry im Swedish we only drink dirt water and alcohol

  • parkour potato
    parkour potatoDag siden

    uughg+up and down + thats a nono

  • Yogurt • Drops
    Yogurt • DropsDag siden

    Did anybody notice the "Geg" in the background? Guess we're geg now.

    TANNER T.V.Dag siden

    Sorry I'm American I only drink beer

  • Joseph storm
    Joseph stormDag siden

    JJBA: Jean Pierre Whats up: Jean Pierre JJBA: he's french What's up: he's french

  • Nicole K
    Nicole KDag siden

    Uh okay Danny from 10 months ago, you talk about gasoline having side effects of speaking to fish, then I get an ad right after about going fishing at far away lakes and making it my hobby? What science did you use on me? And why does NOlocal want me to talk to fish?

  • Rean Azka
    Rean AzkaDag siden

    Jean Pierre Polnareff.

  • I Stole Your Cookies
    I Stole Your Cookies2 dager siden

    Why does the animation remind me of Garfield? 😂

  • Jaidiedinapie89
    Jaidiedinapie892 dager siden

    10:48 Movie: The monster is horrible! Captions: LeMoN sCoRe Is HoRrIbLe

  • OnyxNaps
    OnyxNaps3 dager siden

    The move titanic stole the reality of titanic

  • Seamore boutz
    Seamore boutz3 dager siden

    Racism at its finest

  • Seamore boutz
    Seamore boutz3 dager siden

    LSD trip = monster sounds

  • Mason Carveth
    Mason Carveth3 dager siden

    Racism 90% Grunting and moaning 5% Weird s*** 5%

  • Chachi Ham
    Chachi Ham3 dager siden

    when the amazon adventure was looking out of the window did he really just do that with his thumb and his hand?

  • Chachi Ham
    Chachi Ham3 dager siden

    did anyone else see amanda hanging from out of the window or was that just me?

  • SalverPlayz
    SalverPlayz3 dager siden

    "Up" but everything is "Down" right bad

  • little pickle town addict
    little pickle town addict3 dager siden

    Im gonna start INHALING gasoline

  • Maddox021 - Comedy and More
    Maddox021 - Comedy and More3 dager siden

    Comments on other What's Up videos: C H I N G L I N G Comments on this: T E A

  • Abby Westman
    Abby Westman3 dager siden

    "No one says lavender anymore!" Me, whose workplace has lavender in the name and therefore can never escape the word, color, or flower: 👁👄👁

  • Little Miss Gacha
    Little Miss Gacha3 dager siden

    "Would you like some tea?" "No, I'm Alastor Moody, I only drink from my hip flask." Only Potterheads will get it :3

  • creeperbro2021
    creeperbro20213 dager siden

    Bro wtf is this video its a knock-off UP Jesus i this persons movies

  • •Hio Gaming•
    •Hio Gaming•4 dager siden

    True titel: Up, but everything is down

  • YourAI
    YourAI4 dager siden

    Cmon man i was waiting for him to say Polnareff

  • MoriohRoRadio
    MoriohRoRadio4 dager siden

    *jean pierre polnareff*

  • aeshticbenji
    aeshticbenji4 dager siden


  • NightRaven Plays
    NightRaven Plays4 dager siden

    Those two scientists are freaking richtofen and Maxis and the rock is 115

  • diarroboG 36
    diarroboG 364 dager siden

    Hey Danny for the breadcrumbs and an onion just make onion rings

  • kai *f-boy face*
    kai *f-boy face*4 dager siden

    Wow the amount of Chinese racism is um- interesting 😟

  • kai *f-boy face*
    kai *f-boy face*4 dager siden

    The fact that the 30 year old French dude is blatantly hitting on the 15 year old girl😀

  • zhian balingit
    zhian balingit4 dager siden


  • Jaidiedinapie89
    Jaidiedinapie894 dager siden

    6:41 I died 🤣

  • Salochin moose
    Salochin moose4 dager siden


  • Abigael May
    Abigael May4 dager siden

    Why did I get an only fans add on this video um-

  • Sean Bradford
    Sean Bradford5 dager siden

    After the rock had run out of power and he said lavender my Wi-Fi turned off

  • Pb The pleb
    Pb The pleb5 dager siden

    “Would you like some tea” “No I’m Australian! We only drink vegemite”

  • Emily Contino
    Emily Contino5 dager siden

    Nothing says "children's animated movie" more than overt racism.

  • Eliseo Rossi Productions
    Eliseo Rossi Productions5 dager siden

    “Would you like some tea?” “No I’m Argentinian we only drink beer” Just kidding, I like drinking tea and not beer

  • Tactical
    Tactical6 dager siden

    Jean Pierre: exists Weebs: Is that a jojo reference

  • opman3333
    opman33336 dager siden


  • kagechu2005
    kagechu20056 dager siden

    "Would you like some tea?" "[Insert racist thing and why you don't drink tea]" 6:41 sorry x3

  • Adam Shafeeq
    Adam Shafeeq6 dager siden

    "Would you like some tea?" "No thanks, I'm Malay. I drink Milo"

  • Isabella Jeffcoat
    Isabella Jeffcoat6 dager siden

    When you do that on the villain look you look creepy the villain look when you when you’re on your own it was so creepy

  • Juliana Stefanec
    Juliana Stefanec6 dager siden

    Anybody else notice the weird audio mistake at 2:39? It sounds like someone says something quick and it's kinda quiet.

  • Celia Mick
    Celia Mick6 dager siden

    Wait, Jean was hitting on Amanda. He had *PILLS* on him. Other then the scientists and the little boy what was he going to use those for?

  • Celia Mick
    Celia Mick6 dager siden

    Jean hit on Amanda. Jeans an adult. Amanda’s a teen... *FBI OPEN UP*

  • Celia Mick
    Celia Mick6 dager siden

    “Would you want some water?” “No im a chaotic gay I only drink the tears of STRAIGHT TIKTOK”

  • Celia Mick
    Celia Mick6 dager siden

    “Would you like some water?” “No im Irish we only drink beer till we blackout”

  • Veronica Van Taco
    Veronica Van Taco7 dager siden

    "Would you like some tea?" "No I'm Canadian, we only drink Maple syrup and coffee."

  • Phoebe McLaughlin
    Phoebe McLaughlin7 dager siden

    “Would you like some tea?” “No, I’m German, we only drink b e e r”

  • Clementine The moth
    Clementine The moth7 dager siden

    You should review monster family. On netflix

  • Addyson Goodside
    Addyson Goodside7 dager siden

    Just ."oh" when the kids dont die

  • SuckyGoose
    SuckyGoose7 dager siden

    “I guess you could say what’s up is exactly like up but you take out the heartwarming moments but replace them with plot holes and rascism” No one: Me:now this’ll be interesting

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star7 dager siden

    0:00 what's up

  • once army
    once army8 dager siden

    Wait watched this at School,

  • Spider Aba
    Spider Aba8 dager siden

    Fortune cookies aren't even Chinese. They're Japanese, according to Wikipedia (the _only_ true source).

  • FROG_GOD423
    FROG_GOD4238 dager siden

    7:38 Loooooooooooooooooooong Nek boii

  • remote
    remote8 dager siden

    daggy yonksats

  • galabani
    galabani8 dager siden

    “Would you like some tea?” “No thanks. I’m from Montana, we only drink ✨d I r t r o a d s✨

  • Tabby Pike
    Tabby Pike8 dager siden

    6:41 lmfao

  • rascallybloom 56
    rascallybloom 568 dager siden


  • Pravashi Srivastava
    Pravashi Srivastava9 dager siden

    I have been laughing a lot for a while 😂😂

  • PJB Qualley
    PJB Qualley9 dager siden

    turned notifications on happy to join Gerg

  • Charlie Gardner
    Charlie Gardner9 dager siden

    Can we just talk about his hands- 9:51

  • Ryan Leddy
    Ryan Leddy9 dager siden

    Danny is the king of standing based humor.

  • Francisco mejia
    Francisco mejia10 dager siden

    Like amada is kinda cool but her front hair changes...

  • larra .
    larra .11 dager siden

    Pls play call of duty

  • Jsdalee Castillo
    Jsdalee Castillo11 dager siden

    This is great so I'm subscribing

  • Puggy Boy
    Puggy Boy11 dager siden

    I just realized that 11:48 is sorta the premise of Megamind.

  • QueenOfSleepDeprivation
    QueenOfSleepDeprivation11 dager siden

    Would you like some tea? No, I’m German and American I only drink vodka and beer!

  • Seth Eser
    Seth Eser11 dager siden

    18 Ah yes, thowsands and cience. My favorite words.

  • Nea From DBD
    Nea From DBD11 dager siden

    1:26 Cience fair

  • Mr Blu
    Mr Blu11 dager siden


  • Beasty_Boy
    Beasty_Boy11 dager siden

    Jean:I’m gonna hypnotize everyone Everyone:I aM dEaF

  • jounah rida
    jounah rida11 dager siden

    So can someone explain to me why the letters on the wall say GEG I stead of GREG?

  • Cosmic Huh?

    Cosmic Huh?

    11 dager siden

    The last episode had only the 'R' hanging up

  • SJK
    SJK11 dager siden

    Don't say ppl with 4 fingers look weird lol I have 4 fingers. There are real people irl with 4 fingers like me. If anything people with 5 fingers look weird. 5??? That's not even an even number

  • BV
    BV11 dager siden

    I would very much like to see mouses with top hats 🎩 🐁

  • Qasmokes
    Qasmokes12 dager siden

    Name is Jean Pierre Is french Hits on girls Yep this is polnareff

  • Flobthemob
    Flobthemob12 dager siden

    “Would you like some tea?” “No I’m American I only drink McDonald’s”

  • munke munke
    munke munke12 dager siden

    So we just gonna ignore that instead of greg it says geg.

  • Nicolas Ezequiel Neira
    Nicolas Ezequiel Neira12 dager siden

    Jean Pierre obviously has an hypnotism kink

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith12 dager siden

    Isn't French lavender like incredibly famous and popular?

  • Super Jesus
    Super Jesus12 dager siden

    Who else thought it was John pierre polnareff

  • vinny
    vinny12 dager siden

    dude it says geg in the back lmao

  • tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
    tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn12 dager siden

    “would you like some tea?” “no i’m from the south we only drink barbecue sauce”

  • tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
    tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn12 dager siden

    what’s up: haha unfunny chinese jokes

  • Michi Games
    Michi Games12 dager siden

    “Would you like some tea” “Sorry I’m Russian, we only drink blood”

  • Angelo Ortiz
    Angelo Ortiz12 dager siden

    Spider Man Danny looks a little too fitting

  • Hello Yeet
    Hello Yeet12 dager siden

    Im French and I’m pissed we do not drink wine all the time

  • ...
    ...12 dager siden

    6:41 i sure love it when the house bounces up and down >:)

  • Fuzion 07
    Fuzion 0712 dager siden

    Jean Pierre.... Me: POLNAREFF

  • Andrew Dreb Banzuela
    Andrew Dreb Banzuela12 dager siden

    13:52 lol 😂

  • raging homosexual
    raging homosexual12 dager siden

    "would you like some tea?" "no, i'm jewish, we drink salt water with bitter herbs to remember the suffering of our ancestors"

  • TheEarthGuy
    TheEarthGuy12 dager siden

    Amanda did need Michael after all

  • bumblebee
    bumblebee12 dager siden

    Would you like some tea No I'm Mexican we drink tequila

  • ritachi
    ritachi12 dager siden

    "would you like some tea?" no i em rassian, vee only dreenk *v o d k a*